About us
. . . a spacious alternative 

GentleSpace is a family business aimed at travelers planning to visit Isafjordur, and who are looking for a spacious and home-like alternative to hotels & guesthouses.

The idea came to us as we drove home from Akureyri in North Iceland to our then home in Reykjavik after a wonderful winter-weekend getaway in 2005. A few months later we took the first step in providing an alternative to Isafjordur hotel and guesthouse accommodation when we bought an apartment in the center of town.

Much has happened in the years since, including moving to isafjordur, our permanent getaway in the breathtakingly beautiful and rugged Westfjords. Today we operate three fully equipped self-catering apartments, in addition to three very comfortable guest rooms. We chose and decorated all of our accommodations focusing on one key idea: to create a gentle atmosphere where our guests will have a enjoyable stay at a fair price.

There are three of us in this little family operation: wife & mother Gurrý, husband & step-dad Róbert, and high-schooler Arnór. Together, we aim to make your stay at GentleSpace one to remember.